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How do you get free likes on TikTok?

If you are a new creator on TikTok, you already know how hard it is to get hundreds of likes for every single post. There may be some posts that easily gain likes, but many more posts struggle to get any views or likes.
If this sounds like you, you are in the right place. We run a limited-time trial program that lets any customer try 50 free TikTok likes without surveys or human verification.

Step 1

Enter the username so we could fetch your profile. No more worries if the video URL link is correct - the system shows your recent posts to choose from. It usually takes just a few seconds for the system to find a profile. If it takes longer than 10-15 seconds check your privacy settings and how the username is spelled to make sure the profile is searchable through the system.

Step 2

Provide a working email address. Note, this is done to discourage scammers from cheating the free likes system and also, to contact a user if for some reason the order cannot be processed. Once the profile is fetched, you select a post for 50 free likes and click "Place Order". Once the order is placed, you will see a popup saying it has been received.

Step 3

Log in to your TikTok profile and check if the likes have arrived on the post. Typically, it takes just a few minutes to process your order and deliver free likes. Yet, sometimes because of the queue order the likes may start in 30 minutes or more. You can also purchase non-drop likes with custom discounts if more likes for other posts are needed

Is there an app to get TikTok likes?

There are not one or two, but lots of apps on the internet that claim to get you hundreds of thousands of likes in just a few clicks. While this may sound appealing to you, the difference is in the app you use and how you use it. Some liker apps request a connection to your TikTok account which can provide easy access for hackers.

Others will make you complete infinite tasks like playing a game, downloading another app, or answering a survey to earn credits. Only when a certain number of credits are reached you are allowed to place your order. On the other hand, Primetok is the best website to get TikTok likes with a free trial.

Best, no app has to be downloaded to get free TikTok likes and no verification is completed. Wondering how is this possible? Our free trial system allows a limited number of free TikTok likes to all eligible accounts without any payment down, billing address, or earning redeemable credits as many liker apps do.

The system queues free orders for processing. After it, it promotes your videos to our pool of users who receive various rewards for leaving a like or watching a video suggested to them.

Is Primetok safe to get free TikTok likes?

Yes, there are triple security layers that protect your account on TikTok and make the overall process of buying TikTok likes, or getting them free through a free trial, safe.

First, any customer data is confidential and is never disclosed or in any other way compromised by any influencer or business. This is one of the reasons why top influencers on TikTok prefer to work with us. The users are also encouraged to use aliases when leaving out service reviews on our site or elsewhere externally. Besides, customer data is safely encrypted end-to-end to preserve its confidentiality. Only select staff may access to solve a specific issue per the customer's own request.

Next, to prevent fraud and illegal access to financial data only trusted payment processors are used on our website. The secure gateway is built so that financial data is safely transmitted and handled by the payment processor. This ensures that important details receive appropriate treatment according to all appropriate safety standards.

Finally, unlike other providers, we do not require your TikTok password or to install and connect your app account with the TikTok account. Not only that but the delivery of both free TikTok likes and paid ones occurs at random speed and in batches. This is done to prevent the TikTok algorithm from suspending or shadowbanning your account.

Are Primetok's free TikTok likes real?

Yes, all our likes come from real accounts. Such account users are of different countries and are logged in on multiple devices. The users liking your posts are randomly shown TikTok videos and offered a specific action, for example liking or following, to complete. If complete, they earn redeemable points.

Over the years of our service, this strategy has proven to be the most effective and is much easier and faster to complete client orders. At this point, Primetok does not offer views, likes, or followers targeted to a certain country or region. The increased demand for our best quality TikTok likes, however, shows positive growth in viewer engagement and the popularity of popularity.

Almost 100% of accounts that like your posts have their profile avatars and some, a few posts of their own. Yet, because these are mostly second accounts that users create to earn redeemable credits for liking or following others, there may not have many uploads. Another proof of the quality of the likes is that they are non-drop and so far we haven't received any complaints about likes retention on user posts. So, if you are tired of dealing with drops and refills, TikTok likes from Primetok are easy to try through a free trial.

Do I need to pass human verification to get free TikTok likes on Primetok?

No, at Primetok you get free TikTok likes without human verification. Unlike most TikTok services that claim to get you as many TikTok likes or followers for free, we only give 50 likes as a free trial. That said, no personal information except for your email address (for contact) is required to get free trial likes for any public TikTok.

Some websites may solicit your password or login credentials to verify. While in reality this greatly increases your chances of being hacked whether accidentally or intentionally.

Another common trick that free TikTok websites use is to make free users complete multiple tasks to earn points. Such tasks may include completing a survey, downloading a new app, or just playing a few-minute video game. Users earn credits and pass human verification only to discover that free TikTok followers or likes are not available for their country or region.

If that ever happened to you and you no longer wish to pass one verification after another for nothing, Primetok is the place for you to get a free trial for TikTok likes.

Do free TikTok likes help to grow?

Generally yes, but there are a few factors that count. The first is where you get free likes. Getting likes isn't something you do that is guaranteed and creators often struggle to boost their likes count. The most common and obvious problem with free likes you get from various generator websites is that their retention is low.

Dropping likes will inevitably decrease the overall number of likes on your profile and result in you chasing more likes. This is a common reason why on the one hand, you get more likes from liker apps and generators, while on the other this does not result in visible growth.

The second factor is how often you get likes and whether or not it is consistent. Imagine yourself being a TikTok algorithm watching hundreds of millions of profiles and a ton of new videos every day. You may need to watch specific indicators of viewers' interest to know which videos to promote, right? And what are the signs viewers like a certain TikTok? It is a watch time and the number of likes on the video.

Do you think a single video with hundreds of TikTok likes would be enough to grow a whole profile? If you could ensure stable growth in the number of likes while consistently adding new posts and getting free TikTok likes, you should be able to see the results in a few weeks. That said, the likes count must be proportionate to the number of views and followers to keep the views to likes ratio organic.

Want to try more services?

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