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Ever dreamed of your videos going viral on TikTok?We are not Santa but our best quality views can help your dream come true.Buy TikTok views to game the algorithm and let your videos get the fame they deserve!

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So far it is all smooth. I pay and I get each order complete without the noise. The best you can find in this shady biz
Luckily I am no longer needed a boost. Quite a few videos pumped and it's now over 2 billion and keep rolling on every new post.
Primetok views are slower than some services I tried but I personally chose safety over speed. Otherwise, quality is good too.
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Akemi chan
Last month I tried primetok because my engagement fell no matter what I did. It really helped me re-gain popularity and get more fans.
Damn good bargain! I dunno why they say a few hours on site. I got orders started in 5 or so minutes. Damn fast and still safe
Min Yo
This is the most reliable provider! They don't cheat, have a custom discount, and always explain if any update is coming.
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Why buy views from Primetok

As the top-rated provider of TikTok views, Primetok keeps high standards for views quality. With the lifetime retention, a quick start, and organic speed our views are best in the market.
100% retention
Tokguy delivers the best quality non-drop views for TikTok videos. The views will remain on the post for as long as it is not taken down by the creator. The next time you buy TikTok views don't overspend on disappearing views.
Split between posts
Choosing the number of views you can send all views to a single post or split them between multiple posts. Best, you don't have to enter video URLs, but simply click on the post to select it and set the limit for post views.

Fast organic delivery
We only send views over an encrypted pathway right to the specific post and keep it organic and safe. Bulk packages are first split into a smaller batches and then, are sent at random intervals to prevent algorithm suspicion.
Save on every order
Tokguy has the most flexible payment system that lets you save with every purchase and also earn loyalty credits to redeem for more views or likes. Try custom package to save up to 50% without waiting for a holiday sale!

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in 3 steps

Wondering how to buy TikTok views? Tokguy has a simple system which finds the profile and you pick posts to send the views. No more video links or dull sign-ups, you buy views for multiple posts in just a few clicks.
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  • Type in the username and let the system find the profile.
  • Select posts and a number of views you need on each.
  • Pay with the card, PayPal, Apple and Google Pay, or crypto

Your satisfcation is our priority

Automatically created private account
Faster checkout with in-store wallet payments
Purchasing credits from every order
Split likes and views for posts
Get referral commissions
Build your own TikTok package

Common Questions and Answers

Can you buy TikTok views?

Yes, you can buy views for your videos to bump up your visibility and engagement. There are many sites that sell views but Primetok is top-rated for real non-drop views that are safe and easy to buy. Growing views and likes on your own may take months of continuous activity and promotion on other social media platforms.

Among our clients a number of influencers who already have hundreds of thousands of views on their posts but still wonder whether buying a few more is possible. If you have been long enough on the platform you already know that after initial increase, TikTok engagement tend to slow down and the numbers stop growing.

Buying views for your best posts while staying active on the platform engaging with the existing followers, growing likes, and promoting your content through YouTube and Instagram often brings real results.

A little surprising, but you can actually buy TikTok views from the TikTok platfrom itself by paying for ad views. Your ad, not necessarily promotional, can be any video that you want more views on. This works well for world-known brands and macro influencers (1m followers or more) but is quite expensive for regular users.
After all, $1000 dollar campaign is much higher than $10 or $20 you can spend on purchasing views from Primetok.

If interested, check out custom ordering to see that you can buy TikTok views and start growing popularity today.

Is it safe to buy Tiktok views?

Generally yes though it depends on many factors like quantilty and quality of views, delivery speed, order requirements, and even your recent activity on TikTok.

The fact about the quality is that their retention plays a role in whether or not the view gets counted. In other words, TikTok a view is counted if it is at least 3 seconds or longer. Viewers geography, demographics, and device are the "subtle clues" that the algorithm uses to detect fake views and bots and take down such videos.

Knowing this, it's safe to assume that views from different devices, genders, countries, and account age are the safest best creators make. The point to mentin is views count. To stay away from being suspended or shadowbanned, it is important to know your regular amount of views without any third-party help. If for example, most of your videos have between 200 and 2000 views, buying 100 000 views for a single video may get you flagged.
How fast will the views appear on video is yet another safety concern. Imagine getting hundreds of views in seconds when normally it would have taken a few days. This may seem magical and appealing but not for the TikTok algorithm that may take down the video. Alternatively, even if you are new to the platform but have already amassed thousands of views and likes, it is safe for you to buy more views than the person who didn't.

If your password for TikTok is required that is also not a safe website to buy video views. Through it, the service may easily get access to your account and lock you out of it. Similarly, the information that is required to order the views, the more reliable the service is.

How to buy TikTok views on Primetok?

Another question that clients often ask Primetok is how do you buy TikTok views. With our custom-made ordering system with flexible discounts and multiple payment methods boosting your number of views is no-brainer. Let's see the steps to place your views order.

   *Enter the username into the ordering system. Wait a few seconds for it to fetch your account. If no account is found, please check if the username has been misspelled or if it's privacy settings are set to "Private". Also, accounts with no posts cannot be fetched.
   *Next, click on the post to select it and drag the slider to select the number of views for it. You may choose multiple posts in one order to split the number of likes between them To do this you may select up to 9 posts entering the veiws count for each.
   *Proceed to the Checkout page where you pay with the card (debit/credit), PayPal, cryptocurrency tokens, or through Google or Apple Pay. It only takes a few second to fill out the billing details and you are done.

Once the order received, it enters processing queue and as soon as processed you receive an automatic email update. Shortly after the views start appearing on your video or videos and the delivery may take up to 12 - 48 hours depending on the amount you ordered. This is done to keep the growth organic and how it is done is further discussed in the last question.

How many views to buy to go viral?

We may disappoint you, but there is no set number of views that is going to get you viral. It all depends on strategy you use, and of course, your content. For better effect of TikTok views, you should think of the overall engagement rate on your posts and if needed, to buy TikTok likes as well.

Though as influencers shared with us, reaching the first 500 000 views on a video is the critical point. After that the views tend to increase slower and a little push may help you go viral on TikTok. On the other hand, going viral does not mean reaching 1 000 000 views, but rather a dramatic increase in the number of views.

This means that simply gaining your first 100 000 views much faster than your usual 1 month, for example, can be decribed as viral video. In a general sense, most TikTokers ten to associate viral videos with a few million views.

Also important to note is that a single video with 1 million views may not make you a star but still increases your visibility and rankings. This in turn, increases your chances of getting more videos featured on the For You page and becoming popular. Thus, buying views for new videos is the first step to getting your content in front of more users. That said, you should keep a views to likes ratio at around 10/1 on most videos to grow organically.

Another thing to keep in mind is consistency. You are not just posting as many videos a day as you can, but keep it specific to a selected niche: prank, DIY, dance, etc. Random videos while are fun, confuse the algorithm and even getting hundreds of thousands of views may not help other videos get featured of the front page of TikTok.

Does TikTok ban you for buying views?

They can if the views came suspiciously fast or in unusually massive amounts. Both factors make the TikTok algorithm suspect artificial activity on profile and shadow ban a creator for screening. If during this period, any suspicious attempts are made the algorithm may suspend your account for TikTok policy violation.

Other than that, buying high-retention TikTok views is no different than buying ad placement on TikTok. Because quality views are well-mixed in geography and demographics and come from mobile, table, and PC devices, they should appear exactly as the views when someone clicks on the ad.

What we do on Primetok is called a "collection pool" from where the views, likes, or followers are sent to a specific profile until the order is 100% complete. This collection pool consist of real accounts who receive credits for liking, following, or watching a certain number of videos. As a result, the views you buy from us are of the best quality, appear organically, and will not get you banned or your video getting flagged by TikTok.

Once the new order is placed it is automatically assigned a number and is sent to the pool of participants to watch. The account chooses whether to watch or skip based on their niche and personal preferences and another one takes its place. This ensures a steady stream of views rolling to you until the ordered number of views are reached. The system then checks it up for the completion and the update on the order status is sent to the customer. For over 8 months this proves to be effective with more videos getting featured and more profiles growing followers and enagagement without any issues.

Why waste any more time when you can buy TikTok views safely and securely with Primetok?

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