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Follows come from all countries that's good for my profile followed only by Thai girls haha Good service anyway.
Pretty solid website to buy stuff and generally fast delivery though I had to wait a few times. still better than most
I am buying fans in this site like the third month or so. I don't think I would have continued if I have't seen any growth.
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This is the best place to buy all things tiktok. The service is fast and painless and friendly support is good to work with.
Ordered last week 100 followers they came in in about 20 minutes, mostly full profiles with avatars.
Yo, I like Primetok, I post multiple times a day and the queue never last longer than a few minutes. Quality is also good.
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Fast and Safe Way to Grow

You do not have to have a magic wand to become TikTok famous, right? You just need to know where to buy TikTok followers, likes, and views for your posts safe and fast. At Primetok you get only the best quality services with lifetime retention at the most affordable price. See the features that we are best known and loved for.
Lifetime followers
The followers you purchase from Primetok will remain on your account for as long as it exists. You don't have to worry if followers unfollow you or just drop. They are there for a lifetime. Just make sure your profile is public so that folowers can find you 😉
No password required
You don't want to risk your your account while buying TikTok followers, right? So, why not choose the safest provider with no password, email, direct access, or any more app downloads from the unknown sources? Boosting followers is easy and safe with Tokguy.
Safe organic delivery
The followers you buy should start appearing right after you purchase. Depending on the processing queue and the order size, the start time for followers may range from 10 minutes to 1 hour. Bigger orders roll out in batches to keep the following organic.
Flexible discounts
Who doesn't want to save on purchase? Our flexible discounts let's you enjoy more products for less and you earn redeemable loyalty credits. Biggest savings are not only for holidays, right 😇 So, why not try TikTok followers with the flexible discounts now?

Buy TikTok followers
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Wondering how to buy TikTok views? Tokguy has a simple system which finds the profile and you pick posts to send the views. No more video links or dull sign-ups, you buy views for multiple posts in just a few clicks.
Try myself
  • Enter your TikTok username and let us pull out your profile
  • Drag the slider to select the number of followers for the profile.
  • Checkout with a card, PayPal, or crypto and wait for results.

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Automatically created private account
Faster checkout with in-store wallet payments
Purchasing credits from every order
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Get referral commissions
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Common Questions and Answers

Can you buy TikTok followers?

Yes, and there are plenty of services promissing you followers growth overnight. The only difference is that some attract real audiences through various advertising and third-party links on forums and blogs, and some do bots. The purchase can be done just like many others when the buyer pays for a certain number of followers via a credit card, PayPal, crypto, or Google or Apple Pay. Once approved, the provider then, sends the ordered followers to the profile and the deal is closed.

Though unlike buying TikTok likes or views, for example, TikTok followers are usually sold in smaller quanities and may have a higher drop rate. If you are new or less active, the service should let you choose the smallest package of fans to avoid algorithm suspicion. From there you may decide how good of a deal the followers are.

While it may be considered risky for many reasons, the followers you buy can help you build authority on the TikTok platform. And buying an increased amount of followers consistently is the best growth strategy to have. The steady increase in the number of people following a potential influencer indicates a strong interest in creator's content and lifestyle for the TikTok algorithm. As a result the profile gets suggested to more users, and if they like the content they too will follow it.

Is it safe to buy Tiktok followers?

Buying followers, or likes and views for example, can be both safe or risky depending on multiple factors. Such factors include the speed of the delivery, the number of followers purchased, and the overall profile activity. Let's see what place each of the factors take in account safety.

There's always a demand for instant followers. That said, getting thosands of followers in a matter of minutes is far from being organic and therefore isn't safe. This leads us tho the second important factor when purchasing followers for a TikTok account - the amount. While you may buy as many of followers as you want a good strategy is to first buy the smallest number like 100 or 200, for example. This can be gradually increased over time to 500, 1000, and more. Again, all this depends on your overall profile activity and age. Newer but active accounts with multiple posts a day are more likely to gain 200 followers than older but inactive.

Besides, whether it safe to buy any followers for TikTok depend on the purchasing process as well. For example, if the website requires you to provide any access to your TikTok profile by connecting both accounts or revealing the password. It is possible that your account is at risk of being hacked and you will be locked out of it. Another posssibility is that the service is collecting personal data to sell to third-parties or uses insecure payment system.

Primetok has the processing team trained in adjusting the speed and amount to specific orders to make the followers appear organic. And the only information to place your first order with us is the username (not even the video links). So, why not to give it a try?

How to buy TikTok followers on Primetok?

It's easy and has just a few steps to complete.

As we mentioned earlier, you only need a username to enter. No password or other requirements putting your account at risk.
We'll run a quick search of TikTok profiles to find yours. If that's the account you are looking for you may proceed. If that's not the correct profile you should check the spelling of the username and make sure the profile is not private and has at least 1 video published.
Once the account is correct, you drag the slider to the desired number of followers and follow onto the next steps.
You will be shown profile posts to buy TikTok likes and views. However if you are here for followers only, you simply skip it.
Next you verify the order details and pay with your credit/debit card, cryptocurrency, or via PayPal. We also have Apple and Google Pay for mobile payments.

See, how easy it is to buy followers for your account? Wait no more - try TikTok followers with custom discounts.

Can I get banned for buying tiktok followers on Primetok?

Absolutely not. We have been serving our customers for years and have never had incidents of being banned because of buying followers from us. The major difficulty with those profiles that are banned is artificial activity. This occurs when the algorithm detects such creators are buying fake followers or bots.

On the other hand, if buying inadequate amounts and builking engagement after a long period of stillness may cause you trouble. Primetok often suggests new users with little activity or engagement buy the minimum amount just to see a little increase. A similar amount can be purchased in a few weeks before it is increased.

Another measure we take to prevent customer profiles from being flagged by the TikTok system is intermittent delivery. Because of this, larger orders are distributed slower than the smaller ones. The followers are split into random groups and following happens over a few hours or days depending on how big the order is.

To this day this is the most advanced self-moderated delivery system specifically aimed to ensure risk-free growth for our customers. In the event of possible suspicion the system freezes the order until it is safe to resume the delivery. And in case you wonder, the system is monitored and frequently updated to keep up with the TikTok algorithm updates.

Can you know if someone has bought TikTok followers?

Yes and no. In reality it is hard to tell if someone has purchased TikTok followers unless you know a creator in person, you ordered yourself, or the followers number appear to be visibly inflated.

Nearly every creator on TikTok has at least considered the possibility of getting more views and followers. And many of them have actually put this into practice trying free TikTok follower generators, viewbots, and similar bot-like software.

The mistake that inexperienced creators make when getting followers is ordering more than their account is getting in weeks or sometimes even in months. Imagine yourself looking through the profiles and noticing that the one suspiciously stands out. Followers count is usually the first thing people notice when casually scrolling therough profiles and content. So, hundreds of thousands of followers may look suspicious if the quality of content is poor, or if it has little engagement.

Think of yourself, at what point do you decide to follow someone on TikTok? Probably after a few interesting posts that you viewed, liked, or commented. This tells us that a popular creator is also a good content maker with fair amount of likes and views.

A more direct approach in trying to tell if someone has purchased profile followers is to check follower profiles for posts. Though it is often seen as the best indicator of followers quality, the data suggest that only 55% of all TikTok users have uploaded their videos. This leaves another 45% who didn't and passively watched or followed, liked, and viewed other creators.

Finally, if you are worried whether or not will know if you bought followers, but a small number of followers, likes, and views after you published a new and interesting post. This way no one would question whether the followers are real as followers follow the content they like.

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