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Kelsy M.
Likes came in fast with a couple of breaks in between. Profiles look legit, hope this will work out
Natty Girl
So far I don't have any problems with Primetok and will keep buying more likes and views.

Primetok has superior service. Agents take time to really get to know a client and willingly offer advice.
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I've been shoppin for less than a month but my views are increasing naturally and likes are good…
At first I was disappointed since likes came form multiple countries. Turns out that's made it even better.
Nice site, nice people. Likes don't drop even after a few months and pump up the overall number.

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Why risk buying instant TikTok likes in large numbers? Our safe and organic delivery will help you avoid algorithm suspicion. The system will automatically split bigger orders into batches and send likes to your posts at random intervals for proven safety.
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With our package builder tool buying likes for TikTok posts couldn't be easier. You do not have to copy-paste a video URL from TikTok or enter a password or an email. Follow the steps below to purchase likes with the lifetime retention.
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  • Type in your TikTok account name (without @) to search it.
  • Choose posts and how many likes you want to buy for each.
  • Pay with your card, PayPal, Google and Apple Pay, or crypto.

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Common Questions and Answers

Can you buy TikTok likes?

Yes, and in fact, our in-house statistics shows that roughly 11% of micro influencers (10k - 100k followers) buy TikTok likes and views regularly. This does not mean you must buy too, but it answers your question whether it is possible to buy likes on TikTok.

There are multiple ways how you buy likes, and choosing the one depends on the provider offering it.
The most common is through a trusted TikTok service provider which usually offers set packages from just 100 or 500 likes up to 500 000 or 1 million. There you go through the purchasing steps, make a payment, and receive your likes. The purchasing process may vary from site to site.

Mobile liker apps for example are free and let you get minimum number of likes by liking others' posts. On the other hand, to unlock premium features and get more likes you buy credits of some sort.

Alternatively, you can buy TikTok likes from the TikTok platform itself. Yes, you've heard it right. TikTok has recently launched Ads which help businesses and influencers push their content to more audience. As a result, a well-thought Ad campaign gets you more likes, views, and probably, followers. Though TikTok Ads are limited to certain countries and may cost as much as $500 to start.

Is it safe to buy Tiktok likes?

Usually yes, but depends on when, where, and how you buy likes for a video on TikTok.

To make it's safe the site you are buying from must have a secure delivery and never ask for your account password. Because the likes come from the outside (from other accounts), internal access to your profile is not required to complete the order. Beware that giving your password may lead to your account being hacked, and you being locked out of it.

Taking a good look into the user reviews on and outside of the site will give you a hint how safe it is to buy likes.
If in doubt, chat with support to see if any specific measures are taken to prevent TikTok algorithm from taking down the likes and posts, or even suspending your account. Most providers claim to be safe but cannot provide the exact answer in what they are safe.

Not less important is when you are buying likes, and how much you are active on the platform. This is the safety factor that you control. Clearly if your profile is relatively new with fewer than 3 posts, buying hundreds of thousands of likes may not be safe. Also a good idea is to calculate your views to likes ratios before buying any likes. Check if there is at least 1 like for every 30 views, or ideally, 1 like per 10 views.

To make sure your growth strategy is safe and effective, try custom ordering with non-drop likes and views at a discounted price today.

How to buy TikTok followers on Primetok?

It is similar to how you buy TikTok followers or views on Primetok. You go through a total of three steps while ordering likes for your video. Please note that your profile must have at least 1 video to deliver TikTok likes.

Find your profile. To do that and select posts and likes you enter your username and let us fetch your profile. Make sure the username is correct and the profile is public.
Now, choose the post and drag the slider to select the number of likes for it. Note that you will be shown your most recent posts.
Complete the checkout with card, PayPal, crypto, or Apple Pay (or Google Pay for Android users), whichever works for you.

That's it! The system will automatically process your order and start sending the likes shortly after.

There are a few benefits of getting video likes from Primetok worth mentioning here. As you see from the steps, no password or even video links are required to order likes for TikToks. This makes it not only safe but also fast and easy because you do not have to leave the site to copy and paste a video URL. In addition every order automatically earns a discount based on the order size. Finally, TikTok likes are the best quality on the market and will not drop for as long as the video is live.

Can I get banned for buying tiktok followers on Primetok?

Absolutely! TikTok likes and views are among the best indicators of viewers engagement. So far we had hundreds of creators growing their profiles from scratch. Some of the biggest names on our list have been recruited for the massive campaigns like Guess and Gymshark. But, do they get there by simply buying likes? No.

   *There are many components for organic growth besides a great number of likes.
   *Likes to views ratio is important to keep the algorithm suggesting your videos to new viewers.
   *Inspirational, witty, and controversial content is the King!
   *Keep up the steady pace. In other words, even if you are publishing 3 times a week - don't slow down.
   *Buying TikTok likes should look like a gradual increase of an ocean tide rather than a tornado. If you don't know where to start, start with the lowest number of likes for a few recent posts.
   *Don't forget about adding a few followers while growing likes and views. People like to follow interesting content they like.
   *Use relevant trending hashtags, stickers, filters, features and sounds.
   *The algorithm is known to promote trending videos, so if you nailed it the video gets into more feeds.

With all that in mind, it's easy to say that buying TikTok likes, more so together with views and a few followers, gives you an advantage over those who don't. Not only saves it weeks or months, but also gets you closer to the final goal of growing popularity on the platform.

Can you buy TikTok likes with PayPal on Primetok?

Yes, Primetok accepts PayPal payments and the process of puchasing likes in this case is no different that the process of buying them with the credit card or a crypto walllet, or other standard payment method of your choice.

All order are placed and processed via a secure and user-friendly tool where to buy TikTok views or likes you will need to select a post or multiple posts. Unlike some other websites which avoid PayPal because of its strict policies, we fully accept them and help customers build their brands while paying however they want.

Not only can you buy TikTok likes with PayPal but you can switch from one method to another based on personal preferrencies or location. Once the payment goes through Primetoks's payment system, the email notification will be sent to you to confirst a change of the order status. Because there are different restrictions in the banking systems of a specific country, PayPal may not be available for some users.

If you want to buy more likes than usual, PayPal is a good option to check out. We also offer 24/7 support for our clients to resolve any possible issues with the payment system or simply to check the order status. So, why not give it a try?

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