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Unfortunately, free followers are temporarily not available. Free services cost us resources and the profit we're making at the moment doesn't allow us to offer free followers. Meanwhile, you can get free likes or free views.

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How can I get free TikTok followers?

Getting more followers on your own isn't easy and many creators search for free TikTok generator websites to boost their followers count. Yet most websites fail to deliver on their promises and only make users complete tasks without sending any followers. To help emerging influencers try TikTok followers for free, Primetok runs a limited-time trial program. It has only 3 steps to complete and will get you 50 followers without human verification.

Step 1

Enter TikTok username to search for an account. Please note that the system will not return accounts with no posts or accounts where privacy settings are set to private. Fetching a profile usually takes 10 - 20 seconds. If it's taking longer than that, refresh the page, check your TikTok privacy settings and how the username is spelled, and re-try.

Step 2

Enter an email and verify your free followers' order. We ask for user emails to contact in case the order cannot be processed by the system. They are also needed to discourage scammers from trying to cheat the system. By clicking the "Place Order" button you confirm the account is correct and the followers will be delivered to it. Once the order is placed, you will see a popup informing you that the order has been accepted and will soon be processed. You may close the window at this point, or keep browsing the website.

Step 3

Check the profile a few minutes after to see an increase. After a few minutes log into your TikTok account and check if the followers are already there. Depending on the ordering queue, it may take up to 30 minutes (or a ted more) to get a trial order started. See the discounted options with non-drop followers if you need more followers than the trial can offer at this point.

Is it safe to get free Tiktok followers?

Just like buying TikTok followers, getting followers free is safe only if the website implements safety measures.
This may include a specifically built system for organic delivery or no personal details requested.

Primetok is one of the most trusted providers of TikTok followers, likes, and views, and has been top-rated by TikTok influencers and business people. Our trial system is separate from the ordering system but is equally safe and is often updated as soon as the TikTok algorithm is updated.

Due to smaller amounts of followers sent to the users, the delivery is safe even at high speed. That said, the overall number of trial orders may influence how fast the followers appear because of the processing queue. The orders are automatically checked for safety while being processed and have never put the creator's account at risk. In fact, if for any reason free TikTok followers are deemed unsafe the order is put on hold and the creator is updated on it.

Another reason why Primetok is safe is its complete security when it comes to website use or order completion. The password is not required to access your profile and the delivery happens outside of the account. So, no worries about hijacking or accidentally getting banned by TikTok. We never disclose any information about you and your orders and no one would be able to tell if you actually used a free trial from us.

Finally, these free TikTok followers are of good quality and thus, are similar to those you gained organically. Think of this whole free followers operation as your own "tell-a-friend" campaign. To help you grow your profile, your friends told other friends and they all followed you. How safe is that can be?

Does getting free Tiktok followers to help to grow?

The short answer is yes. However, getting followers (whether paid or free) is just a single factor for TikTok popularity and is often misunderstood.

There is not a certain amount of followers, or likes/views for that matter, that will guarantee your profile viral growth. It is all together - posts multiple times a day, engaging and interesting content, and a steady increase in followers, likes, and views - that gets you to the top.

Free TikTok followers you get from Primetok are non-drop, which means they will stay on your profile for as long as they exist. Unlike the sketchy follow-for-follow techniques when users follow each other to unfollow the next day, our trial followers will stay for the lifetime of your account. Even when you decide to sell or gift your account to another TikTok user, the followers you have accumulated through our growth service would remain unchanged.

Also, because more followers mean more visibility and authority on TikTok, your content gets featured on the front page of new users. This is a smart way how emerging influencers with great quality content to gain more views, likes, and followers. And because your engagement rate grows, the algorithm promotes your account to even more For You feeds.

Why wait any day longer?
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What is the best free TikTok followers app?

If you are looking for the best free TikTok followers app, you've come to the right place. You no longer need to download another app to your phone or complete dozens of surveys to get free followers. With our free TikTok followers trial Primetok has got you completely covered.

For those new to Primetok, we have a list of reasons why Primetok is much better than the best free TikTok followers app.
  * TikTok followers have both free and paid options to choose from. You do not have to wait for earning enough credits, you just buy as many followers as you wish with up to a 50% discount.
  * Real follower quality without unnecessary risks. Once the order is placed the free ordering system checks the availability of followers and sends them at a regular speed without putting the account at risk.
  * No human verification tasks or cheat codes that don't work. Why waste your time trying one TikTok follower's app after another? Getting trial followers doesn't require any surveys or downloads. More, you do not have to follow anyone and won't get tricked through a follow-unfollow game.
  * Best no drop TikTok followers at no charge. The followers you get from Primetok, whether it is a free trial or a paid order, are there to stay. What does any other free-follower app guarantee you?
  * We are geographically unlimited and do not put country restrictions on free followers. Unlike other websites, we have no interest in keeping free followers limited to select countries where advertisers pay us for surveys or downloads.
  * Ad-free website. You won't have to use an ad-blocker app to avoid annoying ads.
  * No password or other personal information. To get followers free for your TikTok many applications ask for your password key and third-party permissions to manage your account. We do not ask for direct access and deliver your followers from the outside of the account. Thus, no risk of being hacked.

Can you get free TikTok followers without verification?

Yes, you can get followers free and without verification and the best website to get them is Primetok. We understand that customers may be hesitant about buying any followers right away and thus, run this free trial program. Through it we let you try 50 TikTok followers free of charge, any billing details, or even dull verification tasks that many generators use.

Most websites require users to complete multiple tasks like filling out marketing surveys or downloading an additional app to pass a human verification test. The truth is, that most websites still find a way to cheat users even after the tasks have been completed. The most common problem is the limited geography or quantity of free TikTok followers.

Primetok does not have those restrictions and makes TikTok followers without verification available to all. Yes, you've heard it right. TikTok creators and businesses from anywhere in the world can get profile followers without surveys or verification. Though we should note that to prevent robotic attacks you must solve CAPTCHA. At this point, the quantity of free TikTok followers is limited to trial users and cannot be accessed multiple times.

The user enters the profile to search for it and provides an email address to contact in case the order cannot be completed for some reason. Then, confirms it, and the followers are on their way. Isn't that simple?

What is the difference between free and paid TikTok followers on Primetok?

There is a slight difference between our free and paid service. The difference is in quantity, ordering system, purpose, and priority.

Much as all other free trials on various services, the number of TikTok followers given away for free is limited to a certain extent. This means that while any creator with at least 1 post on a public account can request followers free, the standard trial amount of 50 free followers will be delivered.

On the other hand, paid users not only have options to choose from but earn credits to redeem those for more followers at no charge. On top of that, paid orders have priority completion and are usually processed and get started faster than free ones.

Orders are also placed through two separate systems to avoid confusion and thus, may not keep up with the demand for trial followers. As a result, order delays are much more common among free TikTok followers.

The free system is designed to let as many users test followers as possible to find possible clients. Alternatively, the paid orders system is rather focused on customer satisfaction and thus has flexible discounts, reward points, and a one-click ordering tool.

Other than all this in combination, all TikTok followers we provide are of decent quality and have never got anyone banned, suspended, or shadowbanned.

Want to go all in?

If you are like us, the doer and maker, you may be interested in growing your engagement as well. With our free TikTok likes and views trials it is easy to test our system to see if you like hanging out with us. First-time users are automatically eligible for all three trial programs.